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In All Its Selfishness, It Just Kept Turning


Acrylic on plexiglass, steel, chain

50 x 50 x 70 cm

In All Its Selfishness, It Just Kept Turning is a sculptural painting that is the result of the artist's durational work, 1000 Strokes, and is the first work in her practice to identify the emotions associated with each of the ten identified colours.

The gestural strokes within this work use a combination of flowing and bold strokes positioned together to show different densities depending on the position of the work and perspective of the viewer. The title refers to movement within the work, however it can only turn through physical labour, insinuating that it takes effort to keep your emotions moving. While turning the work is not a necessarily strenuous task, doing it for a lifetime is, referring to how for 45% of Australians that live with a chronic mental health condition, it is a lifetime battle.

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